About Us

About Us

We are building a fast, safe, most innovative, best performing, trusted and more sustainable in-game exchange world. That’s the magic of in-game exchange. That’s the Power of gs4fun.com.


We always help our clients reach their goals in game easy and faster.

We are uniquely positioned to gain game items with powerful players, and that enable a safer, more comfortable and more productive game world. Our solutions enhance the quality of life of people around the game and create new market. As a company offers thousands of trade each day, Gs4fun become a powerful team to offer the best service over time.



Gs4fun integrates hundred of products and services to advance and more easily deliver safe, efficient, productive and comfortable transaction experiences worldwide. We develop innovative solutions for: Currency (Gold, Silver, and Coins), PowerLeveling, Boosting Services, Items & Skins. We have leading games that include the following: WoW, Path of Exile, Rocket League, Final Fantasy, FIFA, Maplestory and etc.


Game Currency

In meeting the demand of all game players, xxx provides gamers with fast transactions, 24/7 customer service and guaranteed transactional security on most games on the market. We offer the best and cheapest game currency. 98.3% of the orders completed within 15 minutes. All the currency include Wow Gold, POE Currency, FFXIV gil, Maplestory 2 mesos, FIFA coins are farmed by hand. NO BAN, NO BOT guarantee.


Game Items

We know you may be have lots of works to do and don't really have enough time on your hands to spend hours and hours on farming. We know you want great weapons, wonderful gears to join a pvp battle. It's never a problem here. We offer such as WoW mounts, WoW gear and wow packages with the competitive prices which you could pick up for your toon.



Everyone play game to seek his pleasure with different point. Most players hate the awful lots of content, especially when it comes to end game content. It really quite time consuming and not everyone can afford to spend so much time getting there. Our powerleveling service help you to skip the process. You can enjoy your game without Grind.



Attitude matters greatly and everything must work - right from the beginning and reliably over a long period of time. This is where Gs4fun excels.

Best Service 7/24/365.

NO BAN, NO BOT guarantee.

Competitive price.

Speedy Delivery.


You may reach us directly